In the story of the world before, we have a story about human eating, such as Zu and the ghouls, and it is one of them. But humans eat the peach in the world.That means Bartolo Mio. I have the nickname man. May also be called. Super Nova Madness He is the Captain of the Pirate Club, and he is also the one who consumes the fruit of the Baridari Fruit, or the Bari Fruit which gives him the ability to create a Barrier that can withstand all attacks. In addition, he is also a champion in the Corrida match.

And because Bartolomeo is a powerful baritone or a protective armor. Thus, he created an invisible power field similar to a glass of clear glass that reflected and protected every attack from his opponent. And all that will come to harm. Because of Bartolomeo’s disgusting appearance, he is nicknamed as a human being. Although his name and identity will not look much. But he is a strong man with sincerity and confidence in himself for website design, and online gamming on casino francais en ligne. And the hero in his heart is. Pirates, Straw Hat, DumfuckPiece and Own Piece of Bartolo mio presence in the world today, Peaches. In the battle of Dorrida. Colossus B He asked to participate in the competition to win the medal. The protagonist of Protoess DS is hoping to get close to Luffy, his superhero hero. He eventually wins and gets close to Luffy.