1. New cell phone must be charged 12 hours.

If asked whether this idea was right or not. It must be said that the idea is not right and not wrong. That’s right for electronics that use a nickel battery, but the idea is not right for lithium-based electronic devices for majesticslotsclub.net. Which do not have to charge for a long time.

  1. DVD-R does not have Multi-Session.

This idea is really wrong because Multi-Session The DVD can be done, but it’s a waste of space to do it. Multi-Session People do not like it.

3. The storage capacity of the storage device is missing.

This idea is wrong. Because many times, the storage devices we buy have a specified capacity and the capacity is really not equal. The capacity is not lost. But the capacity we see is not really space. Remember that the 1GB capacity = 1024 MB (megabytes).

  1. Format hard disk may crash.

This idea is wrong because the format of the hard disk. The head of the hard disk drive will not touch the magnetic plate. So do not crash. Do yourself some favour by visiting casinofrancaisonline.fr where you will never run out of cash anymore.

  1. Bad sectors should not be formatted.

Bad idea for this, because Bad Sector is caused by the location of software errors, which can be solved by formatting in the hardware can be caused by vibration or shock.

  1. CPU strength of the Internet is strong.

The CPU is not connected to the Internet. Because the Internet is based on the speed of the signal, which 1bytes is equal to 8bits, so the Internet speed 2Mbs is equal to 2000 divided by 8 is 250KB / sec.