Meet again again. All visitors. Today, I came to the game. This is a game that I played from childhood. It’s a great fighting game of all ages. Because the fighting style is very fun. I think it’s a lot better. The Tekken game I look at the Combo.

Who is good at combos and rhythm? Because each posture. The attack is heavy, it will be very slow, some here are more likely to be for healthy lifestyle. The combo is very hard to use offline 5555 combo is very often used offline. If you play tag team, then combos are both very fun. But some of them are built for heavy attacks, so I’m sure that KING is attacking very hard. Kick Shot I do not know how to do it.

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For me, I used to use a strange skill to fight it. Yoshimitsu here is very versatile. Riding a sword, filling blood, disappeared, people know the rhythm and accustomed to Yoshimitsu, I think it is another character. The management is very difficult offline. It’s a bit of a joke, but it’s something I do not know what to do. 5555 Flying with a tooth,
I remember that it was fun playing it, because it would be strange. I also see the audience to try to play offline.